Rice County United Way will host Day of Caring Friday, September 23rd. This is the first time the event will be held in Rice County, but it has been a beloved event held for many years around the world by United Ways.

Faribault, Northfield and Lonsdale will host teams of volunteers from companies and the community will take on projects for nonprofit agencies, schools and the cities. You're  welcome to sign up a team at www.ricecountyunitedway.org/day-caring. The sign-up deadline is August 31st.

Teams can be any nearly any size and ability. Projects range from light activity such as stocking Little Libraries, to more vigorous jobs like painting the historic schoolhouse in Faribault or weatherizing mobile homes.

A grab-and-go breakfast or lunch will be supplied by Target and Kwik Trip. Teams can choose morning or afternoon for their activity, meeting at Sechler Park in Northfield or the Faribault District Office. In addition, Lonsdale will host a tree planting activity.

Day of Caring is a great team-building event that benefits the whole community through an all-out volunteer effort,” said Elizabeth Child, executive director of Rice County Area United Way. “Nonprofits will be grateful to get help for projects they have struggled to complete – often because of limited resources.

From the United Way website: For more than 50 years, United Way has been mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good. The organization strengthens the building blocks for self-sufficiency and a good quality of life through education, health and financial stability. In 2019, Rice County Area United Way was formed from the merger of United Way of Faribault and Northfield Area United Way.

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