As movie theaters nationwide gear up to reopen their doors for the first time in five months, the National Association of Theater Owners shared their list of safety protocols to curb the spread of Covid-19. Also known as CinemaSafe, the list of rules was revealed last Friday, just in time for Russell Crowe’s Unhinged. The road-rage thriller, which opens this weekend, is the first major movie release since the start of coronavirus.

As is expected, the rules require all patrons and employees to wear a mask at all times. Patrons are allowed to remove their masks to eat or drink, but must put them back on immediately afterwards. “In this new pandemic world, moviegoers need to know that there is a consistent, science and experience-based set of health and safety protocols in place no matter what theater they visit. This unprecedented industry-wide effort is a promise designed to meet that need," said NATO chief John Fithian at Friday’s press conference (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Along with mask-wearing, movie theaters will also be eliminating the use of communal food and condiments, as well as concessions that require shared serving utensils. Tickets will be through mobile devices whenever possible, and hand-sanitizing stations will be available throughout each theater. Employees will also receive in-depth health training and will be monitored throughout the reopening process.

More than 300 companies, which include over 2,600 locations and 30,000 screens, have signed in agreement of CinemaSafe. These cinemas may include a CinemaSafe badge on their websites, and eventually their physical locations. However, locations in Los Angeles and New York City remain dormant for now.

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