I went to the grocery store yesterday to get a few essential items that our family needed.  There are 5 of us and I didn't make it out for a big shopping trip to stock up on anything other than tuna.  That was a big mistake.

Walking around Hy-Vee on 37th street, there weren't any eggs, no ground beef, turkey or chicken fresh or frozen.  Frozen vegetables were gone, tortillas, rice, and a few of our other stand-by's had completely disappeared.  I walked around and thought "I am not really sure what my family is going to eat.".

I'll be out looking for some more food today but a lot of families in our community were already struggling before the coronavirus hit.  With jobs halted and places closed, the need for essentials is going to be even higher.

Many of the individuals Channel One serves do not have the luxury of working from home, may not get paid if they are not able to work, and cannot purchase an increased supply of food and personal care items. With schools closing, there will be 8,087 students in Olmsted county alone who qualify for free and reduced lunch that could be missing up to two meals a day. Not to mention the increased cost of daycare while schools are closed. These strains on families can lead to them having to make difficult choices between food and housing costs. This is where Channel One can help people facing these issues. - Jessica Sund, Development and Communications Director at Channel One Regional Food Bank

Channel One is planning for an increase in the need for its food programs because of the growing Covid-19 pandemic but they will need help, and here are two easy ways you can help others right now:

Do you know of another group or business helping those in need while our community combats coronavirus?   Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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