It's a fact; building a home, furnishing a home, remodeling a home, even just replacing furniture that may be worn out, can be quite expensive. Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity can assist with the entire process. I shared last week about Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity and their current projects, as well as the build being done in Claremont.

Once the build is done; then you need to furnish the home. There are a lot of items that are needed for a new home, in order to make it your own. From beds, to the kitchen table, dressers to desks, even major appliances, like the washer/dryer combo, refrigerators, microwaves, even a deep freezer. All of those items can be quite expensive, especially if you need them all at once. Guess what? The Two Rivers Habit for Humanity ReStore in Rochester can help you out with all of that, and more.

The ReStore is more than a thrift store, and anyone can shop there. According to their website:

 A Habitat ReStore accepts new and used building materials from individuals, retailers, businesses and contractors. These good quality items are sold to the general public at a fraction of retail prices, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity.

This could be tiling, rugs, sinks, even cabinetry. They also take in furniture, appliances, and more. Doors, switch plates, paint, doorknobs, the list goes on and on and on. So, while you are getting your remodel project done, or your new home built, you can save all sorts of money on the finishing touches. You can also furnish your home for much less than you would pay retail.

ReStore sells the donated items and then uses the money raised to help fund new projects, throughout the Two Rivers service area. This includes Waseca, Steele, Dodge, Olmsted, and Wabasha Counties.

  Brand new items are priced 50% OFF of retail prices. Other items, depending on condition, are priced up to 90% off retail value.

Quality items that might otherwise be thrown out are reused and recycled for the next person. And all for less than the cost of brand-new, and all in good condition. This store is not just for those who are might be working with Two Rivers to get a home, the store is open for anyone to shop there. It's a win-win-win-win situation:

  • Items are donated
  • Customer saves money
  • Money raised goes towards new projects
  • Volunteers work at the store, so more money can go to get more people into stable housing
  • Since it is a non-profit, by donating you can get a receipt for your taxes

You can also follow them on Facebook, they post about store hours, different events coming up, and how your donations and purchases go to help out Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity.

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