Two families in Elysian have come together to create a farm2fork business that features Angus beef, and recently that business has taken the step towards bringing their goods further from their Southern Minnesota farm. Sasse Lake Farms, which is run by cousins Joel Hansen and Erik Danielson, offers up custom beef boxes as well as an assortment of other goods for those looking to know exactly where their food came from.

Chelsea Hansen was kind enough to send me an email and explain a little bit more about the farm, as I first learned about the local operation through the Facebook Page Farm Direct Minnesota. Chelsea told me that "Sasse Lake Farms; is a family owned and operated black Angus beef farm located near Elysian that sells direct to the consumer."

Image Credit: Sasse Lake Farms
Image Credit: Sasse Lake Farms

Chelsea added that the venture "began when two 4th and 5th generation cousins decided to expand beyond crop farming and invested in a black Angus herd to serve the local communities with farm to fork beef."

Sasse Lake Farms offers the unique and what I find a convenient way to order farm-fresh beef.  They will either bring it to you or allow you to stop by and pick it up yourself. What I really think will turn some heads is that the families are now offering their goods nationwide! Chelsea told me in an email that Sasse Lake Farms just "recently launched their shipping service across the US in addition to our local services."

You can check out what the families are offering here, or you can stop by the farm during one of their monthly farmer's markets where they let folks build a "custom beef box."

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