I was going through my Facebook feed this morning as I was getting ready for work, and noticed a scam report from one of the Twin Cities news stations. Apparently an older couple from Tower, MN were the victims of a scam.

The scam was not unique in any way, it preyed upon their concern for a family member. The couple received a call from a "relative" who said he was under arrest for something, and then passed the phone to a "police officer" who said that there was a need for bail money. Unfortunately, the victims purchased several thousand dollars worth of gift cards and passed along the information to the scammers who were then able to use the cards.

This is very disturbing, to think that someone would take advantage of anyone, in such a manner. What made this couple believe the story, was that the person claiming to be the relative in need, sounded like the relative in need.

Please, please, if you get a call that sounds like someone in trouble, and you are not sure if the story is true, verify it. Call the person who is claiming to be in trouble, and remember that if someone is asking for bail money in gift cards, it is probably a hoax to separate you from your money.

While these scammers tend to target the elderly, anyone can fall victim to a scam. Here is one site you can check to see the most used scams. Remember, always report any scams to your local law enforcement center..



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