Supper clubs are rapidly disappearing across the US. Once upon a time, there were supper clubs that dotted the midwest landscape and were generally accepted as a place to say that your town had made it. One of these supper clubs, Wiederholt's in Miesville, is located just a few miles from Faribault, and according to some websites I've come across it offers the charm and ambiance of years past that you may remember.

Wiederholt's has been in the Wiederholt family since the "1920's" according to their story online. The supper club didn't begin as a dining room, George Wiederholt opened the family business and it was "a grocery store, tavern, and filling station."

It wasn't until George's son Cy took over in 1946 that Wiederholt's began serving food, which they have been doing ever since, for two more generations. Running the club know are Cy's grandson and granddaughter Jesse and Jenny along with their spouses.

Only in your state featured Wiederholt's as having 'bucket list' worthy food for those looking for a great dining experience.

With not many supper clubs still standing, although you can find three within 35 miles of Faribault including Wiederholt's, Ranchero's in Webster, and Fireside in Dennison, now might be the opportunity to experience the difference of one. Normally supper clubs are a slower-paced endeavor when compared to a restaurant you might normally frequent.

More details about Wiederholt's can be found here. 

Ten Things Only Minnesotans Over 35 Will Remember About the World Wide Web

The internet machine has been around a lot longer than you might remember,. When you were kids saying PAW so they didn't know you were talking about them, to sending roses to people with the keyboard, it was a lot of fun and seems so innocent now.

Some of the slang is still around because people of a certain age are still using it, but a lot has died off. BRB will never leave us, though. LOL


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