It's hard for me to believe that this Minnesota home was built just 2 years ago, as it resembles something you'd see in the English Countryside or along the rows of mansions that dot the East Coast. The home, known as Huntington Manor, took more than 75 tons of steel and 2 million locally sourced stones to be built in 2019, and it can all be yours for just $7.5 million, a savings of $2.5 from when it was originally built. 

So what does someone get for $7.5 million dollars? Well in the case of this home you will get, according to the listing from Matt Johnson of Edina Realty, Inc. - Wayzata/Lake Minnetonka, 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and over 8,500 square feet of home that has a "temperature wine storage" area and lower level bar for entertainment.

I think my favorite part of the entire home is the intricate spiral staircase that makes it feel as if you were walking through a medieval castle. Check out some of the highlights of "Huntington Manor" below!

Massive Minnesota Home Used 75 Tons Of Steel In Construction

This recently constructed home in Orono, MN looks like it was transported through time and dropped onto a wooded lot near the Metro. The process of building this home took more than 75 tons of steel and over 2 million locally sourced stones.



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