We've been waiting, some of us impatiently, for the Winter to end, for warmer weather, for the snow mountains to leave.....and we are getting our wish. This past weekend was a very nice weekend, even though my front yard is still covered in snow, the temps were balmy and my windows were open to let in the fresh air.

I did my usual early Spring activities, and everywhere I went, there were people outside! Walking, riding bikes, walking the dogs, soaking up that sunshine. I even smelled grills going, there is almost nothing better than the smell of meat being cooked outside.

Here's yet another sign that Minnesota is pretty much done with Winter, and we are ready to be outside, The Blast Soft Serve opened! According to their Facebook page, they opened on Friday, March 22nd, and from the several times I drove past over the weekend, they were very busy.

My daughter and her friend went there on Saturday afternoon and she told me that she must have waited about 20 minutes in line for their ice cream. She said it was so worth the wait, she loves getting a flurry, made with chocolate ice cream. It's always very good, but, that first one of the season just makes life worth living again. I can see that we are going to be heading to The Blast several times this season, after all, you can't get it any time of the year.


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