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We travel on them nearly every day. Yet, this collection of intersections here in Minnesota's Med City can cause an undue amount of stress... because they are the Most Annoying Intersections in Rochester!

I freely admit that I'm not the most patient driver, especially if I'm running late (which, if you're me seems to happen a lot!) But these intersections in Rochester seem to be poorly engineered and often appear to hamper the smooth flow of traffic, instead of keeping it moving.

And, I also admit that, since I live in northwest Rochester and work downtown, I'm really only concentrating on these intersections in the northwest and southwest parts of town. I'm sure there are many other equally annoying intersections in northeast and southeast Rochester as well.

Of course, Rochester isn't alone in its annoying intersections, there are many others across Minnesota too, I'm guessing.

So take a look at these annoying intersections below. And when you're done checking out them out, keep scrolling to check out some OTHER annoying things that happen to Minnesotans in the spring.

Rochester's Most Annoying Intersections

We travel on them nearly every day, and they cause a lot of stress... because these are the Most Annoying Intersections in Rochester!

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