My friends and I have a running joke, that by November 7 all carved pumpkins look the same with the smushed caved in face which I think is hilarious. But if your gourd got to this stage it is going to be a gross stinky mess. You don't want to be that person that has to use a shovel to scoop up the mushy pumpkin off your front stoop.

Although it might be tempting to grab a garbage bag and just toss the pumpkins in a plastic bag there are more earth friendly alternatives to disposing of it according to

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  1. Compost Bin- Now for people who actually have one of these in their yard it may seem obvious but be sure to take out any candles or decorations you have inside before you toss it in the bin. Also, make sure to remove all the seeds or you will most likely be growing more pumpkins inside your bin.
  2. Bury It- Start by digging small holes in your garden or a designated area of your yard. Break the pumpkin up into small pieces and cover it with soil. The pumpkins will eventually breakdown and supply the soil with lots of nutrients.
  3. Feed It To The Animals-If you have any left over pumpkin seeds that you did not bake and eat yourself these are a great food source for birds. Depending on where you live this part can be tricky because deer love pumpkin but authorities often discourage people from feeding them. But if you cut up the pieces and put them in a remote area away from homes and businesses this is a win win for you, the deer and other animals that might want to eat some of it.
  4. Turn the Pumpkins Into Planters- This may not work so well in our area since it gets so cold and snowy, but you can try it for a while. They suggest for an uncarved pumpkin cut a hole in the top remove all the seeds and stringy stuff, then put some dirt and a plant inside. Obviously if it is carved already you will need to put some type of cloth inside before you put dirt and a plant in it. Then place the pumpkins outside before they get buried under several feet of snow.
  5. Eat The Pumpkin Yourself-Besides pumpkin seeds which are awesome, you can make soups and pies and all kinds of things. Just make sure the pumpkin has not started to get moldy before you decide to eat it. I will pass on this one besides the seeds, I am not a fan of of pumpkin anything.

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