At the third so-called “Fire Drill Friday” in Washington D.C. protesting the need for more action on climate change, numerous arrests were made — including actor and activist Jane Fonda (who has been arrested all three of these protests so far), as well as Cheers and The Good Place star Ted Danson.

According to TMZ, the protesters were arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating ... presumably without permits.” In a speech to the crowd, Danson touted himself as “Jane’s newest trainee” in the fight against climate change, and said “all of this is inconvenient. It's inconvenient for politicians to stop taking money from fossil fuels.” He has previously written a book about the environment and the health of our planet’s oceans, 2011’s Oceana.

You can see video of the arrests online; neither Fonda nor Danson look particularly distressed about the incident. According to one tweet, Danson’s property was removed and “placed into a plastic bag labelled ‘Donson.’

You can watch Ted Donson every week on The Good Place on NBC. Whether we are in the Good Place or not remains TBD.

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