The moms of Bad Moms were bad; this much is beyond debate. But whence the badness of these moms? The breakout 2016 comedy offered up an amusing account of maternal badness, but left the question of where these moms learned to be bad (and to do it so good) tantalizingly unanswered. You see, behind every bad mom, there’s a bad grandmom. Badness does not spontaneously arise from nothing, but rather, it must be learned from the bad moms’ O.G. bad moms. This is simply the intrinsic nature of bad momhood. In case it has not yet been made clear, I have not seen Bad Moms.

But it’s true that the upcoming sequel, A Bad Moms Christmaswill explore the bad moms that originally birthed the bad moms we came to know and love in last year’s sleeper hit. Variety reported last night that a power trio of Susan Sarandon, Christine Baranski, and Cheryl Hines have all joined the cast of the Yuletide-appropriate installment of the Bad Moms franchise, and the item reveals that they form the first generation of moms who dared to be bad. The new film revolves around one unending visit home for Christmas from the bad moms’ worse moms, with Baranski tormenting Mila Kunis, Sarandon nagging Kathryn Hahn, and (the 51-year-old) Hines portraying the mother of (the 36-year-old) Kristen Bell. Will the revelation that Bell’s Kiki was raised by a 15-year-old number among the twists in the new film? Maybe, but probably not!

Male additions to the cast include Peter Gallagher and This Is Us star Justin Hartley, as no bad mom can be without an equally bad romantic opposite. Two generations of bad moms will storm theaters on November 3 (a little early for a Christmas movie, but Bad Moms gets a pass on merit of its badness and momness), for the ultimate wine-drunk girls’ night out for middle-aged women across America. Buy stock in pinot grigio now, before it’s too late.

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