The severe rain deficit we've all been experiencing in the Northland and Arrowhead region for the bulk of this summer has led to restrictions on the 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) that runs along the North Shore and Lake Superior. The association that provides leadership for the trail path has set in place a ban on all campfires and backpacking wood-burning stoves - at least for the time being.

The news came as the Northland experiences another week of extremely hot temperatures and no significant or measurable rainfall. Information about the ban was shared on social media connected with the Superior Hiking Trail Association.

David De Lossy

According to the details, this ban on the trail also applies to adjacent lands.  It's also "in accordance with both the Superior National Forest and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources", which have put fire restrictions in place.

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The social media page for the SHT Association also asks the following of the general public:

  • Comply with the ban until further notice
  • Educate fellow trail users who may be unaware of the ban
  • Continue to check for updates
  • Make alternative plans if your hiking trail experienced included the use of campfires
  • While propane and white gas camp stoves are still permitted at this time, please continue to exercise caution
  • Report any campfire activity to the Superior Hiking Trail Association
Philipp Guelland
Philipp Guelland

The 310 mile Superior Hiking Trail provides for a variety of outdoor experiences for enthusiasts; the draw of the trail system is the combination of natural scenic beauty that our area provides and the access to numerous foot paths that are approachable to everyone - from the beginner to the rugged, experienced hiker. Click here to get details about the variety of trails available and to see maps.

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