The "Stuff the Bus" campaign is underway at the Owatonna Hy-Vee. Now through Sunday you can help in a number of ways. You can round up your grocery bill and you can also buy school supplies which will help stuff the bus. Pens, pencils, tissue, notebooks, paper, glue, staples etc are all needed for Owatonna students in need. In some cases a teacher may end up digging in their own pocket to buy these supplies for students.

This Friday, August 24 through Sunday, August 26 enjoy a 25 ounce smoked chicken breast for $5. $2 of each breast sold will go toward the school lunch program. There are occasions when students don't have the resources to purchase a nutritious lunch. They aren't turned down but the costs do add up. There is currently a total of some $11,000 in unpaid lunch bills. Your assistance this weekend will go towards paying down that debt.

Poor Lou. His owners have been dressing him up and parading him around the Steele County Fair for a decade. Look and read more here.


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