ST. CLOUD -- Health officials says there is some hesitation about getting the COVID vaccine among expecting mothers and women wanting to get pregnant.

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Dr. Fatima SharifMohamed is an OB at CentraCare. She says rumors such as the vaccine causing infertility, adding increased stress to women wanting to get pregnant.

The vaccine doesn't have an opportunity to change a person's code or affect fertility. There has been some misconceptions out in our community that have put a lot of fear in women who are trying to conceive and it's already a stressful time for them.

She says they have encouraged expecting mothers to get vaccinated as researchers have found antibodies in the umbilical cord and breastmilk from vaccinated mothers.

When they check for antibodies levels in pregnant women who have had the vaccine verses women who have been naturally immunized, the immune response is a lot stronger in the women who've gotten the vaccine.

SharifMohamed says pregnant women who are not vaccinated are at higher risk for severe illness if they get COVID, which they have seen at St. Cloud Hospital.

She says they always recommend pregnant women speak with their doctor about all the risks and benefits to help make the best choice for them.


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