"Thanks for the Memories." That was the theme of 2022 From the Heart Run, an Owatonna cancer fundraising event that has helped many local families over its nearly 15-year run. Committee members indicated recently that this is the last year they will be organizing the event while acknowledging that families fighting cancer still need assistance from their friends and neighbors.

Over 100 same-day registrations brought the total number of runners and walkers to over 500 for the Saturday, May 7 half marathon, half-marathon relay, 5K walk/run, and kids fun run. Fantastic weather greeted participants, their families, and others around Owatonna who came out to support the runners throughout town.

Organizer Beth Svenby said the day's beautiful weather was similar to the first From the Heart Run that benefitted Lisa Hilstad. Svenby said, "We thank everyone for coming out year after year. We have very dedicated people that support our race and all our families on their journey with cancer."

Svenby helped start the event as she saw the need to help families battling cancer. The disease touched her own family with the death of her mother to cancer, "So I first-hand know the effect of that," she told the runners during the closing ceremony. The passing of her mother on May 6, 2003, helped lead to her decision to begin the event in 2009. "I thought a lot about her yesterday. Thought about her today. It's bittersweet. There's so many families that need help."

"I had a few tears today. I ran the 5K," Svenby said. "You see the families and you see the names. You built relationships with all of them when you reach out and ask them to be a recipient. Some, unfortunately, are no longer with us, but many, many are. And all their journeys were unique to each of the circumstances."

"It's a bittersweet day for us. This is the final race for From the Heart after 15 years of planning and organizing. We're looking to do some other community work."

Recipients of 2022 fundraising are Jennifer Schwab and Shelly Johnson.

Svenby added, "A huge thank you to the committee, all of the people that have been devoted to the race for 15 years. This community is an amazing community to grow up in, live in, raise a family in. Support in our time of need. So a huge thank you to Owatonna."

Svenby stressed the continual need for support for those faced with this battle, "Friends don't let friends fight cancer alone."

The annual recipients of From the Heart Run fundraising are listed on this year's shirt.

  • Lisa Hilstad
  • Tyler Harlicker
  • Steve Nelson
  • Nacia Olson
  • Gabriella Velazquez
  • Kyle DeKam
  • Samantha Nechanicky
  • Juan Villarreal
  • Sue Harty
  • Christine Deming-Davis
  • Candy Anderson
  • Bill Reuter
  • Jean Borgman
  • John Berning
  • Rodney Earlywine
  • Pete Kalan
  • Paul Grannes
  • Tracy Williams
  • Julie Bauer
  • Royetta Spurgeon
  • Don Hettinga
  • Nick Larson
  • Matt Ratzloff
  • Marcy Jo Fenske
  • Terri Grose
  • Tanya Powell
  • Jim Gleason
  • Brian Wencl
  • Heidi Smith
  • Joe Wagnoner
  • Dawn Armstrong
  • Christopher Utoft
  • Monica Kruschke
  • Cheryl Bastyr
  • Mark Woodrich
  • Jon Osmundson
  • Nova Maas
  • Jennifer Schwab
  • Shelly Johnson

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