It's been more than a week since CSO Gomm was killed by an inmate at Stillwater prison, and the prison is still on lockdown status. This means that the inmates are restricted in their activities, including not being able to leave their cells for showers more often than once every 3 days. The meal delivery system, mail delivery system, and visitor schedules are all affected by this lockdown.

“Lockdown is not the preferred state for Stillwater, that we have to get back operating,” said Department of Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy. “We’re going to do that thoughtfully.”

The commissioner has said that the lockdown will not be lifted until there is a plan in place for staffing and security going forward. In the wake of the killing of the CSO, at least 3 other CSO's have resigned and the number of officers who are on leave is in the double digits. Families of inmates have complained to the central office, and Commissioner Roy has said that he understands the concerns of the families.

You can read about the officers resigning here. As I have said before, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Gomm family as well as the other CSO's and their families.



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