It's hard to believe that yet another Fair Week has come and gone this year already. I tried to see everything, but, even with a week to do so, I missed a lot. I made sure not to miss the TaeKwonDo demonstration.

This demonstration was so cool, it was mainly children, under the instruction of Master Esmaeil Torabpour, owner of the National TaeKwonDo Institute here in Owatonna. The students demonstrated the forms they are learning, they did some of their warm-up exercises and showed respect and courtesy to all watching, as well as each other.

Before each new demonstration, they would bow to the audience and to each other. Showing that they have learned courtesy and integrity, two of the tenets of TaeKwonDo. I really enjoyed seeing the sparring and the board breaking, always a crowd favorite. Those kids had a blast breaking the boards, and if they didn't get it on the first try, they kept going until they got it.

TaeKwonDo can be for anyone, no matter your age or athletic ability, in fact, some of the kiddos up there were under 5. Master Torabpour and his instructors have lots of patience to teach younger children, who may not have the most developed attention spans.

If you didn't get a chance to see the demonstration this year, check it out next year. Soo much fun!

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