We are very fortunate to live in a community that is so very generous. That generosity is shown every day and is spotlighted when you hear about the donations that are made to several different agencies and groups throughout town. Not only are we generous with our money, we are also generous with our time and other resources.

That old saying comes to mind, "Need doesn't have a season" and it is true, people struggle during every season of the year, not just the holiday season. Visits to food shelves go up during the summer months, when children are home all day and not at school.

The National Association of Letter Carriers is here to help out with this need. They are having their annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive on May 12th. The Owatonna Letter Carriers will be participating in this food drive, and all you have to do is put a bag of food out by your mailboxes that day.

They are asking that you donate items like:

  1. Pasta
  2. Cereal
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Canola or olive oil
  5. Peanut Butter
  6. Canned foods, including vegetable and fruits, beans

They do ask that people avoid glass containers and frozen items. Cash donations are always welcomed, and all of the donations collected remain local.


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