Besides the 4th of July, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I enjoy witnessing kids (and adults) transforming into new personas. I appreciate haunted houses and horror movies, and I LOVE seeing Halloween decorations.

However, now that I live in an apartment, I see less and less Halloween spirit, which puts a damper on the season. Thankfully, someone decided to share this immaculately spooky display on Facebook.

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These Minneapolis residents took the word 'display' to a whole new level this year. They created a detailed scene full of skeletons at a homecoming dance!

The attention to detail is fantastic. You can see the emotions each skeleton emits. For example, the girl slumped in the chair up front is either disappointed or sad, the guy by the punch is obviously having a great time, and some of the dancers look deeply in love.

Here the homecoming king and queen share a dance.

As the caption explains in this picture, a lonely girl is waiting to be asked to dance.

And here, a student spikes the punch bowl while chaperones give a disappointing look!

Lastly, a picture of the DJ bumping to some tunes. (I've heard they sometimes play some music at night to enhance the experience.)

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This delightful scene is located at 4133 Chowen Ave S. in Minneapolis.

I appreciate the homeowner's dedication. Skeletons are not cheap! This display must have cost a pretty penny.

Have you seen any amazing local Halloween displays? Let us know in the comments below.

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