It's been said that Minnesota winters can be brutal, and as a Minnesotan, I have to agree. We get it all: sub-zero temperatures, winds, wind chills, snow and more snow. Ground blizzard anyone? And, who can forget the ice? It will make the world sparkle, but, terrible to try to drive on.

This week has been a week of extremes, from the ice storm earlier to the thaw we are now enjoying. Yes, it is much warmer outside, although warm is a relative term. When you get used to sub-zero wind chills, anything over 20 degrees feels like a balmy spring breeze.

It is almost deceiving, there has been rain and fog, and the higher temperatures, I know I'm looking toward spring. However, I need to keep reminding myself that this is only January, and well, there are still a couple of months of winter weather on the way.

January Thaw Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media
January Thaw Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media

Pretty soon the the ground will be completely snow covered again, and we'll get the chilly weather back with it. So, for now, I am going to enjoy the thaw and enjoy the clean streets. It will be a white winter wonderland again before I know it.

How are you celebrating the January thaw?

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