The Twins lost 3-1 in Chicago to the White Sox in the first game of a 4-game series Monday night.  Star Tribune Sports Columnist Jim Souhan joined me on WJON today.  He says winning the division for the Twins would be nice but isn't the most important thing.  He says the Twins are currently set to be the 4th seed and would play 5th seeded Toronto in the first round.  He was Toronto could be a better match up than playing the Yankees in the first round.


The Twins are battling some injuries.  Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario and Marwin Gonzalez are each battling minor injuries.  Souhan says the good news is that Jake Odorizzi and Mitch Garver are getting close to return.

The Vikings are starting preparations for the Indianapolis Colts today.  Jim says the defensive line's inability to get to Aaron Rodgers is a big concern.  He says the young corner backs will get better.  Jim says the Vikings won't tank this season for quarterback Trevor Lawrence.  He says that isn't realistic for so many reasons.  He says the Vikings initially thought the Vikings would be a passing team with Kirk Cousins but adjusted to a running team with Dalvin Cook last season.  He says Cousins isn't a top 10 quarterback.

The Big Ten could announce a decision to play football this fall after all.  Jim says Commissioner Kevin Warren is receiving some pressure to allow the Big Ten to play starting next month.

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