If there is one thing us Americans are good at doing, it's arguing, and one argument that is almost always brought up is Pop or Soda?


Let me get started and state for the record, it's soda! Now with that out of the way, we can dive into why this is such a debate all over the Country. Well according to Business Insider and Pop vs. Soda, it has to do with your geographical location!

The term Soda, is more commonly used in the Northeast, California, parts of Florida and the Midwest(like St. Louis and Milwaukee). Pop is most commonly used in predominantly the Midwest and Western parts of the U.S.. As a wild card, Coke is mainly used in the sound even when not referencing the Coca-Cola Brand! Other terms used to name the fizzy drinks are cocola (which is used in the Deep South), Soft Drink, and Tonic.

Thanks to the interactive map from Pop vs. Soda, we can even take it a step further and see what is most commonly said for the carbonated drink by county! The lone odd pocket in the state of Minnesota is Stevens County, where their word of choice is Coke! If you are interested in checking out this awesome map, you can click here!

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