Yes, we had a Winter Storm Warning for today, forecasted amounts of snow between 5-9 inches, at least from what I had seen on different weather apps. Well, we got hit with the high end of snow here in Owatonna. According to the National Weather Service, we got 9 inches, which, in addition to the snow we already had on the ground, makes for some snow mountains everywhere you look.

It's getting harder and harder to see around corners, as the road crews are plowing the snow, and with the forecast for the weekend including, yep, more snow, I am glad I drive an SUV, with the 4 Wheel Drive option. It has been a lifesaver especially lately. I like Winter, I just don't want the whole season in less than a month.

As I was out and about today, there were times I was the only one on the road that I saw, and the visibility was poor, so I am grateful that schools were cancelled for the day. Keeping my fingers crossed we don't have any more snow days though. I am also so very thankful that the road crews are out and trying their best to get the roads cleared, there is a story about that here.

I had to get a couple of pictures of the snow mountains alongside the roads and driveways, and the picture with my daughter, she is 5'9", standing on the road. The snow reaches her shoulders. WOW, that's a lot of snow. Be careful as you are out driving around, and watch those corners.