Minnesota is home to numerous successful corporations such as Caribou, General Mills, and Target. However, it's the glorious, one-of-a-kind, whimsical shops that truly encapsulate the ambiance of the state.

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How To Shop Like A Local: Southern Minnesota Edition

1. Salvage Sisters, Mankato

This Mankato shop on Riverfront Dr. carries just about everything from must-have mugs, to wine toppers, to furniture staples you didn't know you needed. (Their sweaters are adorable too.)

2. Guten Tag Haus, New Ulm

Guten Tag Haus is the most Minnesotan store in the area! Inside, one can find German foods, local New Ulm souvenirs, and authentic German goods such as cuckoo clocks and steins.

Google Maps
Google Maps

3. Coco Avenue, Marshall

For "the dreamers and free spirits," Coco Avenue sells a wide selection of home goods and unique fashion items. I mean, just check out that style!

4. Livintage Boutique, Montevideo

This North First Street shop is another fantastic store for homeowners. The shelves are full of cute decorations and home furnishings. They even focus on local artists and creators, which I find neat.

5. Geyerman's Clothing Co., Pipestone

Get ready to spice up your closet with fashion statements galore. Even if you don't want to make the trip to Pipestone, you can order pieces online and have them shipped straight to your door!

6. Uffda Shop, Red Wing

If you really want to shop like a local, you've got to check out this Scandinavian store. Not only is the staff friendly, but this shop has fantastic gifts for every occasion.

Uffda Shop Website
Uffda Shop Website

7. Refashion, Rochester

Now let's be honest, Rochester is home to a wide variety of shops, but Refashion is great for anyone willing to repurpose quality items for truly great prices.

8. Adourn, Chatfield

Adourn is a vintage antique store stuffed with rare finds. The staff at Adourn also offers interior design consulting for those who want to recreate the stunning looks at home.

What will you find at these unique stores? Only time will tell.

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