A massive class-action lawsuit against Google was filed back in 2013 and alleged the company violated users' privacy by sharing what they were searching for and the links they were clicking with third-party companies.

Google still hasn't admitted doing anything wrong, but the company has reached a settlement to make the case go away. This means many Minnesotans may be entitled to some money, but you only have a few weeks to submit a claim. Find out how to do that below.

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Everyone that used Google between October 25th, 2006 and Sept. 30th, 2013 to search for something and then clicked on one of the links that came up is eligible to submit a claim.

If you were searching for recipes, Minnesota Vikings news, used cars or literally anything else during that time period you could receive part of the settlement.

You must submit your claim before July 31st, 2023 to receive payment.

How To Submit a Claim And Get Paid

Carsten Koall ThinkStock
Carsten Koall ThinkStock

CBS News says submitting a claim is very easy and only takes a few minutes.

You will be required to enter contact information including a mailing and email address.

You must confirm that you used Google between 10/25/2006 and 9/30/2013.

And you'll need to select how you'd like to receive payment - PayPal, Venmo or a prepaid card.

How Much Money Will You Receive From Google?

Getty Images Entertainment
Getty Images Entertainment

Millions of people used Google between 10/25/2006 and 9/30/2013 and they all can submit a claim. Fill out the form here.

The payout could change based on how many or few actually submit a claim, but as of now it's estimated that everyone that files a claim and is approved will receive $7.70.

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