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Preston, MN (KROC AM News) - A state lawmaker from southeast Minnesota wants an apology from the governor - and help from the National Guard if needed.

State Rep. Greg Davids is upset at the Minnesota Dept. of Health for announcing it was canceling a COVID-19 survey after team members were confronted in the Houston County town of Eitzen. Friday’s announcement led to responses from the town’s mayor and the Houston County sheriff, who said they had never been told of the incident.

And now Davids is responding:

"Not one word of this was true, and now the citizens of Eitzen are paying the price because the media reported the story without corroborating any of it.

The Preston Republican says he has "penned a letter to Governor Walz asking him to formally apologize to them for the reckless actions of his employees.” 

Davids also noted, “that prior to confirming any allegations with any authority figure in Eitzen or Houston County, health department officials went straight to the media with a concocted racial narrative. They alleged that the citizens of Eitzen confronted people performing COVID testing for the department and hurled racial slurs at them, and prevented them from driving away while one man "had a hand on a holstered gun."

In his letter, Davids told Walz “not one word of this was true, and now the nationwide press coverage has led to threats against the City of Eitzen and its residents.” He also wants “confirmation from the governor that he would be willing to call in the Minnesota National Guard to protect the City of Eitzen should violent and radical protestors show up.”

Davids noted in his letter that "this situation should never have occurred and it is my hope that there will be some form of repercussion against those health department employees that spread these falsehoods. It's going to take quite a while for the citizens of Eitzen to get their good name back, and it's my belief that a formal apology is the very least you could do."


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