Ornithophobia is the fear of birds, and it could just be birds of prey, but, it can also include fear of all birds. Sheldon, on 'The Big Bang Theory' suffers from ornithophobia, we see that during one of the episodes where a bird flies into his apartment.

Fear of birds can come from many things, perhaps you were chased by a bird, attacked by a bird, or have no reason at all. Phobias are not always rational in their development.

If you suffer from ornithophobia, you may want to avoid a Maine outdoor center, where they have warnings posted about an owl that is dive-bombing skiers. Apparently, one man was attacked, and his face was cut as he was using the cross-country trail. This led to the warnings that are being posted.

For more information on the story, you can check here. I was not afraid of owls, well except for the owl in the movie 'The Secret of NIMH', he's a scary owl. Now, if I am in a wooded area, I will be paying more attention to the sky, just in case.


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