Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)  -  A Rochester man has been arrested after he allegedly crashed into a squad car with a stolen vehicle and drove away.

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The Rochester Police Department said two officers were sitting in a squad car near 8th St NE and West Silver Lake Drive when 20-year-old Parker Atherton struck the squad around 8:30 p.m. Sunday with a stolen vehicle. Atherton also knocked over a stop sign and struck a second vehicle.

The suspect then left the scene and police followed. Officials said that Atherton ran several red lights leaving the scene and drove through someone’s law near 6th Ave NW and 8th St NW. Officers attempted to pull Atherton over, but when it became apparent he wasn’t stopping, police ended the pursuit.

Parker Atherton - Olmsted County Jail Roster
Parker Atherton - Olmsted County Jail Roster

The vehicle that Atherton was driving was found in the 300 block of 7th Ave NW and Atherton was located nearby and arrested. Police searched the suspect and found heroin and brass knuckles. Atherton also admitted that the vehicle he was driving was stolen.

Atherton is facing possible charges of motor vehicle theft, fleeing a police officer, possession of a controlled substance, and DUI.

One of the officers in the vehicle had back and neck pain after the crash but did not require medical treatment.

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