Rochester, Minnesota's Kemps plant employees have a new three-year contract with what Teamster's Local 120 says are the largest raises in the industry and the largest ever at the Rochester plant.


Kemps is owned by the Dairy Farmers of America Cooperative and is Rochester is their major ice cream producer with dairy from local and regional farms. They did not comment publicly on the deal.

The Sunday vote that ratified the contract was 82-24, according to John Chappuis the business agent (BA) for Teamster's Local 120.

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If you've followed the story, you know it's not been the easiest of negotiations, but in the Post Bulletin, Chappuis says, “We got what we wanted. Workers got record wages, better insurance, and vacations, so it was a good deal all around."

Before it was Kemps in Rochester, it was Marigold Foods!

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