A wedding ring symbolizes love and commitment so losing one can be a very traumatic experience.

Dozens of people shared stories with us about losing theirs and unfortunately most of  them never ended up finding it. See some of their stories below and read about the sewage-covered ring that was recently discovered at a Minnesota wastewater treatment plant. The hunt to find its owner is on!

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How These Minnesotans Have Lost Their Wedding Ring:

Marni told us her husband lost his climbing over a mud hill at the Warrior Dash.

marni ruroden
marni ruroden

“He actually found it split seconds before it rolled into the pool of muddy water at the base of the hill!! In the photo it’s actually slightly lodged in the mud hill right below that dude’s tennis shoe and my husband saw it as he looked up to get out of the guy’s way. Now that’s True Love”

Brian told us his is somewhere on the ocean floor:

“I was swimming with the pigs in the Bahamas and one snagged it...it’s now at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea somewhere.”

And, Jamie said she flushed hers down the toilet.

Toilet paper on the toilet bowl at home.
Rattankun Thongbun

“Took it off to put lotion on. Set it on top of a piece of Kleenex on the back of the toilet. Later, after flushing the toilet, grabbed the “Kleenex” and threw it in the toilet as it was draining. Failed to remember the ring was with the Kleenex. Plunged the toilet, checked drain traps and even got the street department to flush the lines in the sewer/road. Never found.”

Ring Found at Minnesota Wastewater Treatment Plant - Help Us Find the Owner!

John Tierney, a mechanical maintenance manager at a Minnesota Wastewater Treatment Plant, just made a rare discovery.

He was working on some of the equipment at the Rogers Plant when something shiny caught his eye.

John told Kare 11: "In one of the shovel loads, we found this diamond ring."

Now, he’s trying to track down the ring’s owner. If you're reading this story - share it on social media. Let's help find the owner!

Anyone with information or questions can contact the Metropolitan Council via email at MCES-Inquiries@metc.state.mn.us or by calling 651-602-1269.

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