A while back I got a call from an employee of Wenger's. They'd found an old cassette and wondered if we had a way to play it. Yes, I guess the days of the old cassette player really have passed.

Wenger was founded in 1946 and in July of 1986 they began a sprinkling of 40th anniversary events. This culminated with an Open House held April 10, 1987. Longtime voice of Owatonna Todd Hale of KRFO did a series of interviews leading up to the Open House. Here's a clip of then President Jerry Wenger talking about the companies first 40 years.

Harry Wenger was the founder and his son Jerry joined the team around 1960 and served as president from 1970 till 1992.Here's a chance to hear what was on the radio exactly 31 years ago today.

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