Yard care season may finally be over. About a foot of snow fell on Owatonna Friday, December 10. As you finish up clean up, take note of a couple of reminders from the City of Owatonna. Winter parking restrictions are in place everyday from November 15 through March 31. Odd-even parking is enforced from 12 am to 12 pm each day.

In a news release in early November, the city also reminds residents, "Homeowners are responsible for ensuring their mailboxes are firmly attached to posts sturdy enough to withstand the snow that gets deflected from plows. Mailboxes damaged by the snow that comes from plows are the homeowner's responsibility."

"The City's Police and Public Works Departments are committed to using snow removal methods that utilize staff, equipment and other resources as safely and efficiently as possible and informing the community about parking restrictions to prevent the need to tow vehicles."

Regarding downtown sidewalks, the city states, "The new downtown streetscape includes raised crosswalks, walkable alleys and curb bump-outs to help achieve the vision for the project to improve accessibility and pedestrian safety. City crews are responsible for clearing snow and ice from these areas."

"The area that downtown merchants must shovel remains the same - straight out from storefronts to the curb. In areas where planters are installed, merchants are responsible for removing snow and ice from around all sides of the planters adjacent to their strorefronts. In the 200 block while barricades remain, the construction contractor will help with removing snow from sidewalks."

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