It's not everyday we have a reality star in our neck of the woods - but it looks like we do!

The newest cast member of the Bravo reality show Summer House is spending time in Minnesota! His name is Luke Gulbranson and he just wrapped his debut season on the show last week.

Fans of the show know Luke is from Northern Minnesota. He mentions it very often and is vocal about how much he loves where he is from. I guess it wasn't just for show because he's spending time in the area as we speak.

Since he arrived, he's been sharing photos of his Minnesota adventures from fishing to taking in the beauty of one of our lakes. Check out one of the photos below:

Luke didn't give any insight into just what lake he was hanging out at or where he was fishing recently but he hails from Eveleth so it is safe to assume if he's home, it's somewhere in that area!

Here's another fun fact: he creates homemade jewelry, which he says is inspired by "the small blue collar mining towns of Northern Minnesota."

Here's to hoping he sticks around awhile! I love reality television so having someone from one of the most entertaining shows ever hanging out in the area is pretty exciting.

If you watch reality television very often like I do, then you may be familiar with the Bravo show he's featured on. It follows a group of friends from New York who go off to the Hamptons every summer with cameras catching their every move, which usually makes for some pretty good drama! Ha!

The latest season wrapped this month. It was Luke's first season as a cast member. Fingers crossed he's back for another!

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