I was happy when we bought our house so I could have plants inside and outside.

When I moved into my first apartment, my aunt gave me a plant that is still going strong today. A few years ago, it grew more like a vine toward the window, and for the first time purple flowers blossomed. Hopefully that will happen again.

We have a mother-in-law plant that really, really likes its spot. A couple of its leaves are reaching the ceiling.

My husband's late stepdad gave us a citronella plant. I bought a big and surprisingly lightweight planter for it. In the spring we put it outside, and every so often during the summer, small purple flowers appear.

Then last year I bought some plants for the garden from the farmer's market and one set blossomed a deep, dark purple flower in the fall. The other plants had pink or yellow blossoms, and that was cool, too. To paraphrase from Steel Magnolias, "Purple is my signature color."

There really are eggs stashed in there somewhere.



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