A former employee of the Northfield School District won't be charged with a crime after allegedly putting melatonin in at least one infant's bottle at the beginning of the month, according to a Northfield Police news release. 

In a note to parents of children who attended Northfield School District's Early Ventures Childcare Center on December 3rd, Northfield superintendent Matt Hillman, wrote that an "investigation" was started after small tablets were found in the "infant room of the Early Ventures childcare center at the Northfield Community Education Center."

The investigation conducted at the time, by district staff, of the incident, showed that it was "likely the tablets were placed in more than one child’s bottle, but we aren’t able to confirm that. After conferring with the police department, we suspect the tablet was a child-sized dose of melatonin. The employee was immediately terminated based on the investigation results. We have made a report to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and have made a police report."

According to the Northfield Police release;

The facts were presented to the city and county attorney for review of possible criminal charges. After review of the case, the attorneys concluded that the incident did not meet the necessary statutory elements to be charged as a crime; specifically that there was intent to harm, or that there was harm caused. Based on this decision there will not be a criminal charge and this case will be closed. - Northfield Police

Due to there being no charges the former employee of the district is not named in either release.

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