Amid the death and destruction of the tornadoes that hit parts of the Midwest and South on Friday, are stories that put you in awe of the power of mother nature. Like just how far something like a photograph can travel on the winds of a twister.

CBS2 reports that Katie Posten of New Albany, Indiana walked outside of her home on Saturday morning and saw something stuck to the windshield of her car. What appeared to be a note or a receipt actually turned out to be a photograph. She grabbed the photo off her car and gave it a look. The black and white picture featured a woman in a striped sundress holding a little boy on her lap. CBS2 reports that on the back of the picture was written,"Gertie Swatzell & J.D. Swatzell 1942."

Posten had been watching the news and was well aware of the tornado outbreak that had just narrowly missed her Indiana town. She figured that the photo was debris from someone's home, but whose? So, doing what any reasonable person would in the year 2021, she decided to post the picture on Facebook, seeking out the owner of the picture.

The post and the picture ended up going viral, being shared dozens of times, and eventually coming to the attention of Cole Swatzell. He commented that the picture actually belong to relatives of his in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, according to CBS2. That is 130 miles away from where the picture was found by Katie Posten.

Posten says that she plans on returning the photo to the Swatzell family sometime this week.



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