Runners are invited to a free running clinic on Tuesday, May 16, at 6:30PM in the Vision Conference Room 1489 at Owatonna Hospital. The clinic is open to the first 30 people who register. You may do so by calling (507) 977-2150.

Topics to be covered include preventing overuse injuries presented by Brian Bunkers, M.D. There will also be a presentation on Dry Needling, which is a technique to deactivate trigger points in muscles, presented by physical therapist Derek Schelling. Also scheduled to be covered are Hawk Grips, which is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique to relieve pain and promote healing, to be presented by physical therapist Jason Jacobs. Greg Lenz, who is a physical therapist, will present Management of IT band pain in the knee.

Just under 75 percent of all runners are injured each year, and most running and endurance sports injuries are caused by overuse and training errors. This clinic should help cut down on these types of afflictions.

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