Owatonna High School senior Chris Lewis got called aside by Huskies' head football coach Jeff Williams just before Friday's home opener versus Austin. The senior defensive lineman's first reaction was, "What did I do?"

He was told to meet his parents on the field and exited the locker room before the rest of his teammates, "And I get up here and see that my grandmother was here," which brought this reaction, "This is going to be one fun game now." It was the first time his grandmother saw him play. "She's always wanted to get here." Jean Stefano is in hospice care and made a wish to see her grandson play.

Lewis said, "We'll give her (heck) out there." And that he did. Lewis made tackles early, often and all night long in the Huskies' 63-27 win over the Packers. On Saturday's KRFO high school coach's show, Williams said, "Maybe he had a little extra motivation too. But he had a whale of a game."

Lewis' family was in touch with Williams during the week, hoping to arrange the surprise visit and wanted Lewis to be able to come out on the field before the game to see her and get some family photos. Williams said, "There are a few things in this world that are more important than football and grandparents are one of those things."

Williams allowed Lewis to part from tradition and go on to the field early, "Just neat for her to be able to have that opportunity to see Chris and watch him play. And Chris was lights out. He just had a phenomenal football game."

The Huskies host Rochester John Marshall for homecoming Friday, September 21 at 7 pm. Watch Monday's coronation here. Molly Hawkins and Nathan Buegler were named Owatonna's Homecoming Queen and King.


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