The Owatonna Police Department took their message to the next generation of law enforcement with the "Cops in the Community" program. The Just the Facts newsletter from the OPD says officers visited Kid's Korner Educational Center and Trinity Lutheran Church's preschool class to hand out stickers, show off their cruisers and discuss safety messages.

Officers Derrik Quinlan, Luke Selvik and Community Service Officer Brian Shaw went to Kids' Korner. Meanwhile, detective Brady Vaith stopped at Trinity Lutheran. Arrange a visit by contacting Pamela Roberts at 507-774-7200. What kid doesn't dream about becoming a police officer?


Owatonna police responded to the report of a stolen vehicle at the Holiday Gas Station on West Bridge Street on a recent Sunday. "The victim reported leaving his keys in his vehicle while he was in the store." While officers were on site, "the Minnesota State Patrol advised they were behind the vehicle on Interstate 35...and the driver was fleeing the troopers."

"The pursuit continued into Hennepin County where the vehicle crashed in Bloomington." Steele County officials are requesting charges.


Owatonna officers arrested a 39-year-old man in connection with a domestic assault charge in April. Andrew Bogenschutz was apprehended several days after the reported incident. He is alleged to have threatened her life according to Just the Facts.

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