Born in Wales and the youngest in her family. she has a successful professional life, but a troubled personal life: Shirley Bassey, according to

Shirley Bassey was born in Cardiff, Wales, and is the youngest of seven. Her father was sent to prison when she was a baby. Her mother moved the family to another area in Cardiff.

At 16, Bassey started working in a factory and singing in pubs. She quit when she became pregnant. After Bassey's daughter Sharon was born, she was left in the care of Bassey's sister. Shirley began performing again. Sharon was 9 when she found out that Shirley was her mother.

Mike Sullivan became her agent after seeing her perform. At 19, her first single was "Burn My Candle." Her first hit was "Banana Boat Song" in 1957. Her popularity grew when she recorded her first James Bond theme song, "Goldfinger," in 1964. Bassey went on to record two more James Bond themes, "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Moonraker."

Bassey married twice; both ended in divorce. She had three children. Her daughter Samantha died in 1985 in an accidental drowning. Bassey believed differently and in 2009 the case was reopened. Nothing suspicious was found. Bassey is estranged from her adopted son, Mark.

In 2000, The Order of the British Empire made Shirley Bassey a dame commander.

In 2013, she received a standing ovation for her performance of "Goldfinger" at the Academy Award Show.

According to, Bassey has auctioned off many items for charity. She lives in Monaco.

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