Yesterday, per a source, an email sent out by Superintendent Dale Carlson of the New Richland Hartland Ellendale Geneva school district, announced that Carlson has given the School Board notice of this resignation of his position. Carlson's last day is June 30, 2021.

In the letter to the NR-H-E-G School Board, dated January 6, Carlson wrote:

"Throughout my 36-year journey in public education, I have been blessed with the opportunities given to me to serve students, families, and communities. Being part of the NRHEG Public Schools for the past six years has been rewarding and fulfilling, and has provided me with some of the most significant experiences of my career. I am grateful for the opportunity and support the Board has given me over the past six years to serve the NRHEG school community. The trust you have placed in me means a great deal; thank you" - Dale Carlson NR-H-E-G Superintendent

Carlson also wrote in the letter that he was unsure if his leaving will be considered "retirement" for him or not.

Image Credit: NRHEG School District
Image Credit: NRHEG School District

Carlson, as indicated in his letter to the School Board, has been at the helm of the district for 6 years, and of course the last year Carlson, as well as other Superintendents across the nation, have had to deal with a pandemic and new learning models that focus on distance learning.

The School Board will more than likely begin a search for a new Superintendent in the next few weeks, a challenge perhaps, due to the pandemic.

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