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Google.  Since most of us use this tool almost every day to function in life, Google has a whole lotta data and now knows the top resolution that most Minnesotans have picked for 2021.  SPOILER ALERT: it is NOT weight loss.  It doesn't stop there though.  They've got the top resolution picks for every single state in the United States.

According to, Google Trends were used to figure out the most popular New Year's resolution that people were picking for each state.  Yes.  Every little thing that you've typed in, searched for, asked your Google Home device about, Google knows and looked through all of the searches to find the most popular picks for resolutions. Weight loss was the 2nd most popular pick among the states but it did not rank #1 for our goals in 2021.  Take a look below to see the top pick for each state:

Top New Years Resolutions for Each State Based on Google Research

Do you think the top pick for Minnesota is accurate?  Send me a DM to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio or leave me an audio message on the Y-105FM App.  Personally, after the disastrous and horrid 2020 that we all experienced in our state - the never-ending distance learning, the George Floyd death and riots, COVID, the election drama - I'm ready to go sit on a couch and chat with someone and talk about my feelings.  That isn't my personal top goal for but count me in on some of that therapy if there is room on the couch.  I'm in.

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