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You scream, I scream we all REALLY scream for ice cream here in Minnesota-- at least according to this new survey, that is.

It's summer, it's Minnesota and the weather is hot, steamy and sticky. What's a great way to cool off? Outside of heading up north to your favorite lake (or maybe just heading over the Cascade Lake, Foster Arend or Chester Woods Parks here in Rah-Rah-Rochester) it's tackling a big 'ol bowl of ice cream, right?

Or maybe an ice cream cone is more your speed. No worries, whether it's in a bowl or in a cone, ice cream is pretty popular here in Minnesota. And you don't just have to take my word for it, mind you. It's been verified by the folks over at the cooking site,

They just did a study of over 300,000 tweets and hashtags on Twitter concerning ice cream and where it's most popular. And sure, enough, no other state likes ice cream as much as Minnesota does. That's right, we're number-one of the list of states where ice cream is most popular. Coming in right behind Minnesota on the ice cream lovers list were fellow Midwestern states like Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana and Ohio.

Now, seeing as I'm a noted Wisconsinite, I thought it was a bit curious that Wisconsin-- which is known as America's Dairyland, mind you-- wasn't first on the list of ice cream-loving states. (Wisconsin ranks 7th on the list, btw.) Now that I think about it, though, even though ice cream surely is a dairy product, Wisconsinites are waaaay more fond of cheese. (And beer, of course, but that's another list.)

And, as it turns out, our favorite flavor of ice cream here in Minnesota is... strawberry. At least, that's the flavor Minnesotans were Tweeting about the most, as the survey also found out. (Check it out HERE.)

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