The second phase of stimulus checks is right around the corner for Minnesotans and the rest of the country. The White House and Congress are close to agreeing on another deal where many Americans would receive another stimulus check from the government.

How Much This Time?

It seems it will be the same as last time.

Mnuchin said, “We’re talking about the same provision as last time, so our proposal is the exact same proposal as last time,” - Steve Mnuchin, Unites States Secertary of State

Individuals making $75,000 or less annually will get the same $1,200 as before and couples making less than $150,000 a year will get $1200 each. (

How close is this to actually happening?

Really close. There are details on who will qualify this time, but it's the closest both sides have come since the first round of checks went out.

How soon could this happen?

August 8th is the date that will make a big impact. That's the deadline for Congress to vote and determine how soon those checks could roll out. After that date, it could delay everything by a month or so.

The White House is taking time to finalize the details, but it seems everyone in Washington wants this. Many Americans do as well. They just need to be on the same page.

So where does the money come from? Same place as before -- nowhere.

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