Every year I procrastinate on filing my taxes.  It's mostly because even though I have always claimed zero, I have zero write-offs and no kids as dependents.  I take the standard deduction and fall into the "need to write off more" category.  I took advantage of the COVID-19 extended tax deadline and waited to file through my accountant on July 14th, a day before they were due.

I got a call early that morning from the accountant informing me that I already filed my federal return, which I hadn't.  They system was bouncing it back when he tried electronically.  So he drew up paper copies and said I needed to get them, sign them, and mail them by the 15th.  He suspected that someone got a hold of my social security number and filed under a fake address in and attempt to get a refund.

In addition to filing on paper, I also was informed to file form 14039, a federal Identity Theft Affidavit.  The IRS uses this form to mark the account to identify questionable activity.  As far as where it goes from here, I don't really know.  I reported possible fraud with my credit reports, made a report with the Federal Trade Commission, and even a local police report.  Thankfully so far, there hasn't been any noticeable fraudulent activity with my credit.  I don't know how they pursue people who do this, I think if they find the person who tried to get a refund I wasn't going to get anyway, they should have to pay the taxes I owe.  That seems fair to me.  Have you ever had to file this form?

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