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The new four-lane section of Highway-14 west of Rochester between Dodge Center and Owatonna will also sport a new feature designed to help avoid crashes with wildlife.

The news a few years ago that financing was approved to finally make U.S. Highway 14 four lanes from between Dodge Center all the way to Owatonna was much-heralded by anyone who's had to drive west of Rochester. And if you've been through that stretch recently, you know that crews have been busy for a while now, getting ready to open that new 12.5-mile stretch in 2021.

MnDOT says that entire project will cost just under $108 million dollars, and is designed to improve the capacity, safety, travel times and access between Rochester and Owatonna, as well as the I-35 corridor.

And, to that end, it also includes a new wildlife crossing-- a new feature designed to help avoid car/deer crashes, which are particularly common during the fall in Minnesota. According to a post on MnDOT's Facebook page, the new stretch of Highway-14 crosses two acres where deer usually migrate each year. (Data from the Minnesota DNR provided deer movement data and known migration routes, the post noted.)

The crossing itself is a 10 foot tall and 9-foot wide box culvert structure, approximately 200 feet long. It's being installed under the new section of Highway-14 near Claremont in Dodge Center, and when the highway opens, it's hoped deer and other wildlife will cross UNDER Highway-14 instead of running over it-- where they're more likely to get hit.

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