The family of the baby who was fed by a stranger who snuck into a Des Moines hospital to do so is now suing. After criminal trespassing charges were filed against 36-year-old Adam Wedig earlier this month, he is still not speaking about a motive and the baby's parents are now also accusing the hospital of neglect.

Per a report from KCCI, court documents noted that Chase Adams and Gabrielle Lage were staying at Ronald McDonald House with another of their children, who is premature and was being treated for heart problems. There, they received the call about Wedig sneaking into MercyOne to bottle feed their other baby.

YouTube Via KCCI
YouTube Via KCCI

MercyOne did not comment other than to say they are "committed to the well-being and safety of our patients." The family will seek monetary damages against the hospital and Wedig, who according to another report from KCCI, was confirmed to have no connection to the family.

That story gave even more details about what led up to this lawsuit, as the family's lawyer, Thomas Slater, says social media rumors ramped up that Wedig may have been the biological father of the baby. This is not the case, according to their lawyer and police investigation. Wedig himself also confirmed it is not true.

Finally, Slater said:

If a stranger can gain access to the NICU it says loads about the lax of security that Mercy has. Hopefully, this will change things and change them permanently for the better.

For their part, MercyOne also says they are "taking a number of steps" to ensure such an incident does not happen again.

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