ST. PAUL -- Next Monday, a series of new laws will take effect in Minnesota.

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The Minnesota House of Representatives has released a list of new laws and regulations that take effect August 1st. Among the more notable changes:

  • Long-term care insurance will be allowed to be sold as part of a life insurance policy. The aim is to be able to offer the insurance to more Minnesotans.
  • The court system must assign a juvenile guardianship for youth ages 18 to 21 if the youth is at risk of trafficking or abuse. The juvenile and the guardian must agree to the arrangement, it’s in the juvenile’s best interest, and reunification with a parent is not viable.
  • New outdoor regulations include steeper fines for off-highway vehicle violations and trespass laws involving an off-road vehicle or snowmobile. Fines will increase to $250 for a first offense, $500 for a second offense and $1000 for a third or greater offense.
  • The Safe At Home program will be created to assign P.O. Boxes to use as a legal address for victims of domestic violence, harassment or stalking. The victims will not have to disclose their legal address with this program.
  • All National Guard soldiers “serving satisfactorily as determined by the adjutant general” will be eligible for reenlistment and commissioning bonuses.

A complete list of the new laws and regulations can be found here.

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